VIP Concierge

Arrival & Departure

Our VIP Concierge Service is designed to expedite passengers, on arrival and departure, at Terrence B. Lettsome International Airport.
For Arrivals Royal Concierge Services (RCS) will require a copy of each traveler's passport picture page, flight number, airline, occupation, number of family members, address, embarkation point, intended address in the BVI, date of arrival into the territory, and departure. This information is required to complete customs form, and immigration card, they will be submitted to relevant government department, prior to their arrival into the B.V.I. *RCS requires two weeks' notice prior to traveler's arrival into the BVI. Upon arrival to the airport, a representative of Royal Concierge Services will meet and greet passengers on the tarmac, with their completed customs and immigrations card. They will then retrieve all passports, and escort individuals to the VIP lounge, where a hostess will serve them with snacks and liquid refreshments. After clearing passengers through Customs and Immigrations, our redcap service will retrieve all luggages from the baggage claim area, to their transportation service. Our hostess will then escort passengers to their transportation service.
For Departures Passengers will be met curbside by a Royal Concierge Services representative, who will escort them to their designated airline carrier. After assisting with the check-in process, RCS, will then escort them to the security line, with their pre-paid departure tax tickets, and then to the VIP Lounge. Our hostess will serve them with snacks and liquid refreshments. Passengers will be escorted on tarmac, with a RCS representative and security, before other passengers on the plane. *Catering can be provided upon request

Private Chef Concierge.

Planning a vacation with family and friends on a luxury yacht, villa, or spending the holidays in your family home? What better way to completely unwind and relax than to have your own personal chef. We can find you a chef for the season, a few months, weeks, special occasion, or for a few special meals throughout the duration of your holiday. Just tell us the type of food you like, and what meals you would like our chef to cater for and we will take care of the rest. Our chefs will work with you to plan the menus, taking into account any special dietary requirements. They will cook anything that you specifically request or they can offer their own menus for you to choose from.

Spa and Beauty Treatment.

Our Beauty and Spa Concierge is a highly personalized, luxury service that brings the salon and spa to you. Whether you're preparing for a special occasion, corporate event, or need a pampering experience in the comfort of your own home, villa, or yacht.

Personal Assistant.

Whether you're a time stressed individual, single mom, busy executive, or vacationer we will partner with you to give you the invaluable commodity of time that you deserve. Royal Concierge Services provide:

Errand Services

  • Grocery Shopping

  • Pick up Prescriptions

  • Dry cleaning pick and drop

  • Gift wrapping, delivery, baskets

  • Flower ordering and delivery

  • Messenger and courier services

Travel Planning

  • Vacation and weekend planning

  • Spa Bookings

  • Private Jet Bookings

  • Hotel reservations

Entertainment and Event Services

  • Wait Staff

  • Bartenders

Yacht Agents.

Our aim is to remove the administrative burden from yacht owners and captains, to enable them to concentrate on planning charters for their guests. Our professional services includes yacht registration, freelance chef services, freelance captains, dinner reservations, car rentals, hotels, and villa rentals, event planning, entertainment on yachts, spa and beauty appointments, fitness appointments, provisioning, customs and immigrations clearance, water delivery, fuel delivery, banking, and any other special requests.